Sophisticated flavors for plant-based treats

October 7, 2019 Roger Lane

Sophisticated flavors for plant-based treats

Plant-based foods are gaining momentum across food and drink categories, and consumers are making healthier food choices. This is driving a global vegan trend and attracting a much wider audience. “The Plant Kingdom” – this is what Innova Market Insights has called one of the main food trends for 2019.

Confectionery is the next hot category to be affected by the trend of plant-focused eating. Consumers want adult sophistication and exclusivity in terms of taste and have high expectations towards premium products such as gourmet fruit jellies, as well as adult experiences in the form of alcohol-flavored sweets. With the added claim of vegan, it can be difficult to meet these criteria.

More and more food manufacturers throughout various segments are bringing to market new clean label variants, highlighting the pure, safe and vegan designation of these launches to meet growing consumer demand. Naturalness and an excellent multi-sensory experience are the cornerstones in the development of innovative ideas for plant-based confectionery. With its wide range of sweet-focused vegan flavors, Vegan Flavors can create opportunities to make the most of the current consumer demand for authentic products, with intense flavor profiles, all while maintaining a vegan claim.

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