Millennials, transparency and clean-label extracts

July 18, 2019 Roger Lane

Millennials, transparency and clean-label extracts

The 81 million Millennials in the United States are connected, curious, and capable of driving consumer trends into the future. Resourceful and informed, they’re increasingly scrutinizing the brands that they purchase. They understand technology, where to go to get answers, and are desperate to flex their muscles in the marketplace and beyond.

Our proprietary survey data suggests that investigative Millennials, in particular, find overwhelming value in understanding the sourcing of ingredients in products they purchase. They want to know that the foods and beverages they consume are made with ingredients from manufacturers who care about our planet with earth-friendly practices, including responsible sourcing. Increasingly, extracts are catching consumer attention because of this.

Our full line of flavor extracts promises:

  • A unique flavor profile and functional benefits
  • Flexibility of bringing flavors, colors and functional properties under one product
  • Holistic benefits and clean product manufacturing ethos


With more spending power than any other generation ($600 billion in 2017 according to Forbes magazine), manufacturers, merchandisers, and marketers ignore the Millennial’s need for clean label, authenticity and transparency at their own peril.