Milking It: Dairy-free options just keep getting better

July 27, 2020 Roger Lane

Milking It: Dairy-free options just keep getting better

Many drivers are leading to rising demand for dairy alternatives, including the avoidance of dairy allergens; desire for clean label products; compatibility with vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian lifestyles; and concerns about sustainability and animal welfare.

Keera Perumbala, Marketing Manager, pegged Millennials and Gen Zers as the “primary drivers behind the plant-based trend,” noting their support for “lifestyle brands” with social and environmental practices that mirrors their own.

As the pool of plant bases widens beyond soy and almond milks, consumers continue to have more flavors and formats to choose from.  Taste is the number one factor in the purchase of nondairy milk, yogurt, ice cream, creamers and cheese.  There are many elements that need to work together to achieve a great tasting, balanced product.

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